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Mortgage Refinance

Mortgage Refinance or Switch 

What if you could get a better rate on your current mortgage?

A Mortgage Broker can investigate. 

Refinancing is often used to gain better mortgage rates or terms. It involves taking out a new mortgage to replace your existing one, either for the same amount or greater. Benefits of refinancing can be: 

  • Raise Capital

  • Reduce Monthly Payments

  • Consolidate high-interest Debts

  • Pay off your Mortgage faster

If you’re struggling with high levels of debt, refinancing your mortgage might be an option worth considering. You can refinance your existing mortgage into a new one at a better interest rate, which could reduce your monthly payment and make it easier to pay down your debt.


A mortgage switch involves switching your mortgage from one lender to another.  This is beneficial if you'd like to take advantage of current rates but would like to keep all of the other terms of your mortgage the same. Typically there is a penalty for switching before the end of your mortgage term, but often the savings in the switch outweigh the cost of the penalty. 

Which of these options apply best for you? Every financial situation is different, speaking with a mortgage broker can help identify what the best action is for you!

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